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A Good Pilot in Rough Waters: The Truth About Dental Implants

Dental Implants with Dr. Kim

"I see a lot of patients that have issues with dental implants they've had placed.  And they always tell "They told me this would last a lifetime".

I tell them "Well, it depends on how long you live".

The thing about dental implants is that while they are an excellent replacement of your teeth, the rare just that, replacements.  Not the original.  And NOTHING we place in your mouth is going to last you forever.  But again. Depends on how long you live.

Fillings, crowns and yes, even implants, need maintenance and possible replacement over the span of time.  Especially because people are losing teeth at a younger and younger age.

But to ...

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Considering an Implant to Improve Your Quality of Life? Here’s What You Can Expect

dental implants glendale ca

If you are missing one or more teeth, it can be challenging to feel good about yourself. But dental implants in Glendale are a state-of-the-art tooth replacement that can restore your appearance, confidence, and oral health. 

How Missing Teeth Affect Your Quality of Life

Your Diet

When one or more teeth are missing, surrounding teeth often hurt because of the increased strain placed on them. Eating foods like fruits and vegetables can be uncomfortable, so you may default to softer foods that are easier to chew but not as nutritious.

Your Self-Confidence

The spaces left by missing teeth are hard to hide, especially if they’re near the front of your mouth. So, the appearance ...

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Missing a Tooth? A Dental Implant Might Save the Day

Dental Implant | Lucio H. Kim DDS

The experience of losing a tooth can have a profound impact on your quality of life. You probably don’t think much about all the work your teeth do until one is lost; then suddenly the function of your teeth becomes everything.

You’ll Miss Them When They’re Gone

All your teeth are designed to work together to perform different jobs so you can eat, speak, and chew comfortably. When you lose a tooth, the extra work is shifted to the remaining teeth, which means some are doing work they were never meant to do. This can result in discomfort when you eat and chew, and excessive wearing of dental enamel.

But comfort is only ...

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Deciding on Dental Implants? Let's Correct Any Misconceptions

Deciding on Dental Implants | Lucio H. Kim, DDS

The purpose of a study published recently in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery was to determine how much patients knew about dental implants. Not a lot, it turns out!

Surveys were completed by 100 patients at the Virginia Commonwealth University Dental School; the first group was patients visiting specifically for implants, and the second was those visiting for other dental work.

What You Need to Know about Implants

About 1 in 4 patients said that they had never heard of dental implants and about two-thirds aren’t sure what they are made of. We clearly have a bit of work to do in educating people about dental implants! Here are a couple ...

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3 Factors to Consider if You Smoke and Want a Dental Implant

Smoking and Dental Implants | Lucio H. Kim DDS

We don’t have to tell you that smoking is horrible for your general health, but there are also many ways that the habit affects your oral health. Smokers produce more bacterial plaque than nonsmokers, which contributes to gum disease, the most common cause of tooth loss in adults.

Smoking and Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, dental implants are your best option for restoring form, function, and oral health. As it turns out, however, smoking also impacts the success of dental implants. If you are considering dental implants, here are three factors to consider:

  1. Smoking Interferes with Osseointegration: Dental implants owe their success to a titanium ...

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Helping Your Implants Last a Lifetime

Helping Your Implants Last a Lifetime | Bonita Grande Dental

Dental implants, in one form or another, have been widely used for over 50 years. In that time, they have become one of the most predictable and successful of all procedures in dentistry. When cared for properly, the success rate for dental implants is about 95%.

One way to ensure the success of dental implants is to find a dentist who is skilled in the procedure. Dr. Lucio Kim has had extensive training and experience in placing implants at our Glendale, CA dental office and continues to learn everything he can to ensure the success of your implant.

Choosing a dental implant for tooth replacement is a big decision. You have to ...

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3 Ways Dental Implants Function Like a Natural Tooth

3 Ways Dental Implants Function Like a Natural Tooth | Lucio H. Kim DDS

When it comes to tooth replacement, there’s little doubt that dental implants are the way to go. The process may seem involved, but it’s really as simple as this – a small titanium post is surgically placed in your jaw bone, allowed to heal, then finished with a functional restoration like a dental crown or denture.  

There are many benefits to using implants, but patients in Glendale really appreciate the fact that implants are permanently secured in your jaw. If you’re used to removable prosthetics like bridges or dentures, we think you will really appreciate that permanency and stability of implants.

That’s right – once the process is complete, your implant ...

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