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Smoking and Dental Implants

May 2, 2016
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim, DDS
Dental Implants in Glendale CA, Dr. Lucio H. Kim, DDS

Smoking cigarettes or other tobacco-based products brings a multitude of foreign chemicals into your mouth and in turn allows for a lot of negative side. And it is these side effects of smoking can have major consequences when getting dental implant surgery. 


Implant surgery is covered in two phases, both of which can be affected by smoking. In the first phase, a titanium post is surgically placed in the bone structure and covered by the gum tissue to heal. Smoking immediately after this procedure can dislodge the blood clot covering the area and cause a painful condition called dry socket. Nicotine decreases blood flow in the mouth which can also cause the implant to fail by preventing successful integration of the implant post to the bone structure and preventing the gum tissue from properly healing around the area. Smoking also causes an increased risk of infection around the site of surgery which could compromise the implant. 

Even after an implant procedure, smoking and other forms of exposure to tobacco (such as chewing tobacco) can pose a risk to implants that have already been successfully placed. Smoking can still cause gum infections long after the implant procedure and, if left untreated, these infections could lead to bone loss which could compromise the implant. 

Considering the time and cost of getting an implant procedure, it would be wise for patients to quit smoking altogether; however, if this is not possible, it’s highly recommended for patients to stop smoking two weeks before the start of the implant surgeries and continue to avoid tobacco and nicotine products for at least eight weeks after the last stage of the procedure. Following these guidelines can significantly increase your chances at having a successful implant procedure despite smoking in the past. 

Dental Implants in Glendale CA

Or if you want to be sure, just drop by the office and Dr. Kim can go over the risks in more detail and address any concern you may have. Your success with dental implants is his success as well!

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