Second Opinion Dentist in Glendale, CA

Woman smiling in dental exam chair at Glendale dentistAt the dental office of Lucio H. Kim, DDS, our first priority is to provide our patients with all the information and support they need to achieve a lifetime of excellent oral health.

We focus on developing friendly, long-term relationships, so we can create an atmosphere of trust with our patients. This allows you to feel comfortable enough to ask us any and all questions that relate to your oral health. The more information you have, the more empowered you are to make sound decisions about your dental care.

You Have a Right to Ask Questions

When you’re faced with any type of involved dental procedure, you have a right to feel comfortable and fully informed before making a decision. After all, you’re not just making an investment in time and money – you’re trusting that your dentist is providing you with high-quality care that takes all your needs into account.

As an experienced dental professional, Dr. Kim is committed to supporting the oral health needs of our community, whether you’re a patient of ours or not. We believe it’s important for every dental patient to understand the need for their treatment, what it involves, and how it will benefit their long-term oral health.

A Second Opinion Can Put You at Ease

If you’re faced with a decision about dental treatment and need assurance that it’s right for you, we’re here to help. You should never feel shy about asking for a second opinion. It doesn’t mean you don’t trust or respect your dentist. It just means you’re taking charge and being proactive about the direction of your treatment.

Here are some common situations where you might want to seek a second opinion:

  • Your dentist performed a dental treatment, but your tooth still hurts.
  • You’re not sure that a procedure by another dentist was done properly.
  • Your dentist proposes aggressive treatment, and you’re wondering if there’s a more conservative approach.

The bottom line is that your oral health care is a very personal thing, and you have needs that are unique to you. There are many highly qualified and committed dental professionals out there. But if you don’t feel comfortable enough to ask the tough questions, it may be time to think about finding another dentist.

Call to Arrange a Consultation for a Second Opinion in Glendale

We will be more than happy to arrange a complimentary, commitment-free consultation with Dr. Kim to discuss your concerns. At that time he will assess your needs, answer all your questions, and work with you to develop an alternate treatment plan, if necessary.

Remember – there is absolutely no harm in asking questions if you’re unsure about a procedure. Please contact our Glendale dental office today, and we’ll make arrangements for you to discuss your concerns with Dr. Kim.