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Improving Healing by using your own blood....

June 5, 2016
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim, DDS

Stem cells and your own blood for healing 

There is a way to use your own blood to augment healing in surgical procedures. What we do is simply draw from your own body and spin it down in a high-speed medical centrifuge. What this does is isolates all your healing factors, growth factors, and stem cells. We then implant these items into the surgical area to improve the speed and quality and healing in dental implant and gum recession surgeries. 

Is this procedure new to dentistry?

Dr. Kim has been using stem cells in the practice for over 8 years at a great benefit to our patients. The procedure is widely used in general medicine and has been for many years! Most famously, Kobe Bryant used it to be injected into his knee towards the end of his basketball run when he had joint issues. The way we use it much easier than that, though. It's very quick, painless and since it comes from your own body, very readily accepted by your own body.

Dr. Kim uses this procedure for all bone grafting, dental implant and periodontal/gum surgeries..and with great success. Postoperative infection rates have gone way down, postoperative pain and swelling have been minimized...the results have bee quite remarkable. If you are curious about this technique or have any questions about the process, Dr. Kim is always available to go over the process with you! 

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