Gum Recession Surgery in Glendale, CA

Your gums are an integral part of your smile, and they’re just as crucial to your oral health as your teeth. When you take care of your gums, you’re more likely to have a beautiful, thriving smile. Girl covering her gums because they are receding

Sometimes, however, your gums will struggle and face health challenges just like your teeth do. One of the biggest threats to the health of your gums is recession, and you’ll need to treat this condition right away if you start to notice it in your smile. 

Recognizing Gum Recession 

If your teeth look a little longer or larger than they used to, your teeth aren’t growing—your gums are most likely receding. 

Much like a receding hairline that exposes more of a person’s scalp or forehead, gum recession will reveal a more substantial portion of teeth within a smile. This phenomenon inspired the common idiom “long in the tooth,” which people often use to describe older or elderly people who characteristically have receded gums. 

Although some dentists and patients tend to gloss over gum recession, it’s a severe oral health concern that can lead to dental problems such as:

  • Tooth sensitivity 
  • Root cavities
  • Bone loss
  • Premature tooth loss 

Gum recession often occurs as a result of periodontal disease, but it’s also an unfortunate side effect of vigorous tooth brushing or using a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard. 

Digital X ray at dentists office in Glendale, CAIf you suspect you might have receding gums in Glendale, CA, don’t hesitate to contact the dental office of Lucio H. Kim right away so we can provide treatment! 

Gentle Gum Recession Treatment in Glendale, CA 

Traditionally, gum recession treatments were uncomfortable, painful, and time-consuming.

In today’s modern world, however, we’re able to offer better and more effective treatments for our patients. Our Glendale, CA dentist, Dr. Lucio Kim, is proud to be one of the few dentists formally and extensively trained in a very forward (NON-experimental) method to treat gum recession. 

This method, known as the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST), uses a minimally invasive strategy to combat gum recession. To perform the treatment, Dr. Kim makes a tiny hole in a patient’s gum tissue using a dental needle. Through that hole, he can guide and loosen the gum tissue using special dental instruments to spread the tissue out more evenly and promote new growth. 

After a Pinhole gum surgery at our Glendale, CA office, your gums will be visibly farther down your teeth—reducing the appearance of receding gums and of being “long in the tooth.” Because the Pinhole Surgical Technique uses collagen strips to anchor the gum tissue instead of traditional sutures, your healing time should be shorter and less painful than if you received conventional treatment. 

See the video below for an animated walk-through of the procedure:

Advantages of the Pinhole Gum Surgical Technique

Benefits of Pinhole gum surgery include: 

  • No cutting with scalpels
  • No sutures
  • No cutting of the palate
  • No downtime from work or life
  • Gum rejuvenation for the “long tooth” smile syndrome
  • No pain during the procedure and minimal discomfort afterward
  • No grafting
  • Much quicker procedure than the traditional gum grafting procedure
  • More economical than gum grafting

To learn more about the advantages of this modern treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dental practice. 

Schedule Gum Recession Treatment Consultation in Glendale, CA

If you have any issues stemming from gum recession such as sensitivity, cavities, bone loss, stained fillings, “black lines” around crown and bridgework, “long tooth” smile syndrome, etc., then this procedure can work for you. 

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