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New Vacuum Air Filters at our Glendale Office

April 16, 2020
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim DDS
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Hello all! Dr. Kim here. I hope you are all well during the coronavirus shut-in! I wanted to give you an update on what our Glendale dental office is doing to keep our patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 shutdown:

Dentistry is such a unique profession in many ways. Aerosols from the mouths of patients can be a risk factor for infection. Bacteria and viruses that are present in saliva can be aerosolized and spread around a room. This is a common way viruses are transmitted, and it is the reason why we have always been incredibly particular about cleaning all the surfaces in our practice and covering all the non-cleanable surfaces with disposable barriers. My Glendale dental staff and I are often working very close to these potentially dangerous aerosols. No other profession has their head in the "mouth of the cannon" like we do. This is why our Glendale dental practice has always followed the most stringent and effective sterilization procedures. In addition to these procedures, we have also made some updates to our practice to further enhance our quality of care:

Vacuum Air Filters for Patient Safety

So what's new? I have added to each room (and the waiting room as well) medical-grade air scrubbers. These filters essentially act as a negative pressure vacuum that sucks in all the contaminated air in a room, scrubs it through a medical-grade filter, and exchanges the contaminated air with clean air. Our new pressure vacuums can exchange and scrub the air of an 800 sq ft room, 6 times per hour. The treatment rooms we work in are about 200 sq ft, So these air scrubbers can exchange contaminated air up to 12 times per hour! The one I have for the waiting room is good for 1500 sq ft with an air exchange of 6 times an hour. My waiting room is about 500 sq ft. So the math works in our favor. 

Dentistry for the Future

The way we practice dentistry in Glendale will be changed for good because of this epidemic. My office is already everything possible to keep everybody as safe as possible from cross-contamination. The addition of the air filters will be a welcome layer of protection to all that we already do. I hope you and your family are well! As always, please feel free to reach out to our Glendale office if you have any questions!

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