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Everything You Need to Know about Dental Crowns

July 30, 2021
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim, DDS

Dr. Kim Lucio, your dentist in Glendale, CA provides high-quality dental crowns. These crowns have a variety of purposeful uses, from tooth restoration to tooth-replacement support and aesthetics.

If you have a damaged tooth in need of restoration or would like more information about our dental crowns, we encourage you to reach out to a team member at 818-242-3739 for more information or to arrange a consultation.

About Dental Crowns in Glendale, CA

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps customized to fit over a treated or prepared tooth. They restore bite function, protect teeth, and are always designed to match your smile.

Tooth crowns help with the following:

  1. Support to a weak tooth
  2. Concealment of a tooth flaw
  3. Completion of a dental implant
  4. Anchoring of a dental bridge

How Tooth Crowns Are Used

Because tooth crowns are used widely across dentistry, it only makes sense that we would rely on quality materials and careful cementing for this crucial restoration.

Dental Crowns in Support of a Week Tooth

If you’ve had a root canal treatment, it is likely that the final step included a dental crown. A root canal is a specialized treatment that removes deep root infection from a tooth. Often, the infection leaves the tooth brittle and subject to future fractures.

Additionally, if your tooth has suffered trauma or deep decay, it is vulnerable to loss or breakage. A tooth crown can help!

A dental crown caps the weak tooth providing a safety zone between the tooth and the force of your bite. This prevents further damage.

Tooth Crowns to Conceal Tooth Flaws

At Lucio H. Kim, DDS, we offer cosmetic dentistry treatments, everything from dental veneers to professional teeth whitening and more.

Dental crowns are one way we conceal tooth flaws, including:

  • Discoloration
  • Oddly shaped teeth
  • Short teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth

Dental Crowns to Complete a Dental Implant

A dental implant in Glendale, CA is really a tooth root replacement. It is surgically implanted in the jawbone where it integrates over time. When integration is complete, your dentist tops the implant with a dental crown. This crown acts as your new tooth. A recent study found that dental implants enjoy a 93% success rate!

A few dental implants, usually two to six, can also support a prosthetic like a denture or bridge.

Tooth Crowns to Anchor a Dental Bridge

If you have missing teeth, it can be frustrating to eat and speak, and it can even bring feelings of insecurity. A dental bridge closes the gaps in your smile with the help of dental crowns.

A dental bridge is a tooth or teeth positioned between dental crowns. The crowns cap the tooth on either side of the smile gap. This allows the restoring teeth to close the space.

This prosthetic restores your bite, so you can enjoy your favorite meals again. And you’ll be able to smile with confidence.

What Is the Procedure for a Dental Crown?

The dental crown process begins with a friendly consultation in our office. Your dentist provides an exam to see how dental implants will work for you.

It may be that you want to conceal a tooth flaw or cap a broken tooth. Perhaps you need tooth replacement.

In any case, Dr. Lucio will take impressions if dental crowns are the best option for your specific needs. We use these impressions to craft a quality dental crown that corrects your issue. When we fit you for your crown, your dentist makes all final adjustments, including shading. Then he cements your crown and finishes with a polish.

Your crown will look like your other teeth and blend in seamlessly.

Taking Care of Your Dental Crowns

On their own, or as part of a dental implant or tooth flaw concealment, dental crowns do not need added maintenance. You brush and floss them as you would brush and floss your natural teeth.

As with natural teeth, it’s important to visit your dentist at least twice each year for checkups—this is true even if you have a prosthetic like a bridge. Failure to visit your dentist can result in gum disease or oral infections that may cause crown and tooth loss!

If you do have a dental bridge, it’s important to clean it regularly with a floss threader and a special cleaning brush. This prevents debris and bacteria from gathering, especially near the gumline.

As with natural teeth, you should also never use your crowns to open a soda or twist off a cap. Use your teeth, restorations, and prosthetics only for chewing and smiling.

Additionally, you should talk to your dentist if you suspect bruxism, the nighttime habit of grinding and clenching your teeth. And always use your mouthguard and face gear correctly when competing in sports.

When to See Your Glendale, CA Dentist

Of course, you must maintain regular dental visits for preventive exams, oral cancer screenings, and teeth cleanings. However, if you notice an issue with your crown, you should call our office as soon as possible.

If your crown feels loose, it’s important to seek dental treatment to prevent bacteria from reaching the tooth underneath your cap. It’s also crucial to call our office if you break your crown.

Because the tooth underneath has been treated for crown placement, it also means it is vulnerable to infection if your crown loosens or breaks.

Dr. Lucio can often adjust or repair your dental crown right here in our dental office.

For Dental Crowns in Glendale, Contact Us Today

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