Lucio H. Kim DDS

Airflow, Is the dentist office safe?

August 6, 2020
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim DDS

I hope this finds you and your family well!  As the pandemic rages on, life that was put on pause still moves forward.  The office is 100% up and running along with the necessary changes in patient intake protocol click here!

I wanted to emphasize how dental offices are keeping ourselves, our staff, and our patients safe during this uncertain time. One main word that is not stressed enough: Airflow.  It's all about airflow. To dilute the viral particle load in the air and filter out the viral particle load in the air. I am lucky enough to have windows that open in front and in the back of my office. I leave those open to create a cross breeze airflow that sweeps the air clean with every breeze. This is the closest you can come to practicing dentistry out in the open air without OSHA coming down on our backs. The air conditioner condenser has been increased by 1 ton to help with power and increased airflow when the windows have to be closed. There is a MERV 14 air filter installed as well to help filter out viral particles in the ambient air. There are individual high flow HEPA filters in the lobby, the hallway, and in each operatory to help with the compartment air filtering and exchange so that ambient aerosols are diluted down quickly.  All this with the high powered "in your face" suction and the vigilant hand washing, mask-wearing, and surface disinfecting creates an environment where airborne viral contamination and concentration are kept to an absolute minimum to zero. 

I have said it before. Dentists have been dealing with airborne viruses and bacteria for decades now.  We have this down and the dental office is one of the safest places you can go to. We will get through this and it is absolutely possible to work in this kind of setting and 1) not get sick and 2) not get anyone else sick.

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