Lucio H. Kim DDS

Should I get my silver/mercury fillings replaced?

dentist looking at tablet | Dentist Glendale CA Only if they have cavities or fractures in them, or if you really, really, really want to get rid of them for aesthetic or health reasons. They don't cause any kind of health problems at all --none. Anyone telling you otherwise is really not telling you the whole story (lying!!).

If you do need or want to get them repaired or replaced because of cavities or fractures, you do have the choice of redoing them in silver amalgam or using the "white" composite resin fillings. The ONLY advantage the white fillings have is that they look better. But if you want the old fillings replaced because they have the dreaded mercury in them, then you need to know that you are trading the mercury for bisphenols / BPA....cancer causing chemicals.  And that's scientific FACT.  Not "my opinion", not what "I think" or what "I feel"'s cold, hard scientific, good old general chemistry FACT.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with either filling...the mercury AS WELL AS the BPA is a non-issue.  Choose what is best for your situation or what you want for your mouth. I am here only to provide objective information and give you the best possible treatment outcome for both kinds of filling materials. If you want something to last longer with fewer issues and a longer track record of success, then get the silver fillings.

Filling Options in Glendale

If you don't want to see them and want something more esthetic, get the white fillings. Simple.  If you are on the fence or are curious about anything regarding your fillings or your treatment options, call Dr. Kim for a consult and he'll be happy to make sure you leave with more information than questions!


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