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Why is it important to get a second opinion?

If your dentist suggests a complicated and costly procedure like a dental implant with complex pretreatments or braces, you may be considering a second opinion dentist in Glendale, CA. You are not alone!

A second opinion dentist will agree with the original diagnosis or may present alternatives that better suit your goals and budget. 

Reasons to Visit a Second Opinion Dentist in Glendale, CA

# Being Your Own Advocate

Seeking a second opinion is natural, so don't feel bad about advocating for yourself. You're not the first patient to seek a second opinion by far, and you'll not be the last.

# Differences in Dental Training

All dentists and dental practices are different. Even the treatment options offered and the technologies utilized will be different as well as the education level of the dentist. One dentist may be limited in what they can offer, but another dentist has the skill and technologies to give you more options. This is the case at our dental practice. A second opinion dentist here means seeking the opinion of a top dentist in the field.

# A Second Opinion Dentist for Your Peace of Mind

Sometimes you're given a diagnosis or treatment plan, and something about it nags at you. You wonder if there is an easier way to restore your oral health. In this case, a second opinion dentist is crucial. You never want to wonder if you made the right choice for your smile.

# Considerations for Your Budget and Time

Perhaps a suggested treatment is expensive, or it means a lengthy recovery. Often another dentist can recommend a similar, less expensive, and less invasive treatment to restore your oral health. Less invasive dentistry typically means a shorter recovery time.

For your convenience, our dental office is happy to work with third-party financing like CareCredit.

# You're Feeling Unsure About Your Dentist

Maybe you're not feeling good with your current dentist and team. Perhaps, they push you to undergo expensive dental treatments regularly, or something is always wrong. If you're unsure about your dentist, we strongly encourage a second opinion dentist in Glendale, CA.

# You Feel Something Is Wrong Following Treatment

Maybe you've had dental work done and still have pain. Perhaps a restoration or prosthetic is uncomfortable, and your current dentist dismisses your concerns and does not solve the problem. This is an excellent reason to seek a second opinion.

# Your Current Dentist Says You Are Not Suitable for a Certain Treatment

This goes back to skill and technology. Remember, all dentists and practices are different. For example, one dentist may say you are not a good candidate for dental implants. Another dentist may provide treatments to bring you into candidacy. 

Contact a Top Second Opinion Dentist Near Me

Your oral health is crucial to your well-being, and your smile was meant to last a lifetime. When something is this important, it only makes sense to be sure and seek another opinion when you are not.

Dr. Lucio Kim wants the best for you and does not mind offering a second opinion, especially for advanced procedures that may be unnecessary, costly, or mean a long recovery for you. Second opinions also help verify that you made the right choice if a procedure has already been performed. 

For a second opinion dentist near me, give us a call at (818) 242-3739 to arrange a consultation with Dr. Kim.

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