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Media says that Flossing may not be of any use at all!

August 4, 2016
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim, DDS
Flossing is Important! Glendale CA, Dr. Lucio H. Kim

There's been a story going around that essentially says flossing is of no use. If you haven't seen it:

Importance of Flossing

In all frankness, this is crap. And at the very least irresponsible for the Associated Press to even run with the story.  It's the equivalent of saying "Cigarettes: Not that bad after all!"  The need for flossing and it's efficacy in the removal of plaque/bacteria/food particles has been demonstrated time and time again.  My practice is built around prevention and the MAIN part of that is FLOSSING. I don't know how much more I can stress how wrong this article is.  On the plus side, if this story gets more traction and people actually begin to believe it, the business for me will be picking up!  Prevention and being proactive with your health overall is always better than being reactive.  Don't wait for the heart attack to start eating better.  Don't wait for the extraction and dental implant before picking up some floss.  If you have any questions about the article or what you can do to be more proactive, please call me or email me and I will be more than happy to explain the virtues of flossing!  In good health, Dr Lucio Kim.

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