Lucio H. Kim DDS

Hidden Sugar

July 11, 2016
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim, DDS
Sugar and Oral Health in Glendale CA, Dr. Lucio H. Kim DDS

As dentists, we are fighting a losing battle with the sugar industry.

The number of money companies like CocaCola put out for advertising is no match for the PSA blurbs by dental associations.  Sodas, energy drinks, energy bars, granola bars, cereals, "health - organic" products are pumped full of sugar.  And this puts us a health care practitioners at a severe disadvantage b/c how can we compete?  The FDA helps a bit with the labeling.  But then you have to do some serious math in order to find out how much the sugar content impacts you.  Some health cereals are as much as 55% sugar! 

How Do We Fight Sugar Decay?

So the advice I do give patients that do have a lot of cavities despite having all the right moves...FLOSSING and brushing well, using toothpaste with at least the over the counter amount of fluoride in to look at the sugar content of what they usually eat.  And most of the time they come back and they are shocked to see how much they are actually consuming.  So as I step off my soapbox, I urge patients to do more label reading AND calculating and challenge them to halve the amount of sugar they take in.  It's really really hard. I'm trying to do it for myself and my kids so I feel it.  But I can feel a big difference in myself and can see the big difference in my kid's behavior as well.

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