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Why I like Gold Crowns...

November 3, 2016
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim, DDS
Gold Crowns in Glendale CA, Dr. Lucio H. Kim, DDS

"Gold? Really??"  is the response I usually get when patients ask me what they should do to restore their teeth.  If you need a crown and it's in the back teeth, I will always recommend gold for you. Why?  Because it is the "gold standard" by which be judge all other dental restorations. It has been ever since dental work has been around.  It lasts longer, you don't have to cut the tooth down so much like you need to do for white crowns, less chance of having problems with cavities, it won't fracture like white crowns.

Why Gold Crowns?

The ONLY negative is that it's a gold color.  But in every other way, it is better than the white crowns.

In my office, gold crowns and white crowns are the same fee. So it's not an "upsell". Gold costs me more to make.  Gold hovers around 800-1000$ per ounce so making gold crowns is expensive. But I still recommend it to everyone because I know it's the best material for you.

Don't misunderstand. The white crowns aren't bad or a poor choice.  If you don't want to see it, the white crowns are great.  My lab is local here in SoCal and they use high-quality materials and they turn out as good as they can be.  But if you don't mind the esthetics, gold can serve you well for a longer period of time with less potential issues down the road.

Dental Crowns in Glendale CA

I always go over your options with you fully, but if you have any questions regarding anything, please contact me at the office and we can go over things in more detail!

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