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Avoiding Dental Emergencies During Lockdown

January 29, 2021
Posted By: Lucio Kim DDS

Happy February!
As there is a light at the end of this long COVID tunnel, stay at home orders still loom over Los Angeles. The numbers keep rising with hospitals being overwhelmed.  And this leads to a lot of not wanting to venture out..and with good reason!
But please DO NOT let that nagging feeling in your tooth or gums go unchecked!  Planning for treatment to happen is always a much different scenario than NEEDING treatment to happen. We want to help our patients avoid dental emergencies at all costs. 

When to come in to the dentist:

-If your tooth or gums have been sensitive for more than a few days and it's not going away.
-If pain, sensitivity, or discomfort is actually getting worse
-Anything that makes you avoid chewing or having liquids go into a particular are of your mouth
-A nagging ache in a specific area of your mouth
-If you are losing sleep or if pain is actually waking you up

All these are signs that something is wrong and you should see an emergency dentist soon.
Over this past year, we've seen an exponentially large amount of injuries due to broken teeth, cavities that have gone unchecked, painful jaws from grinding,  and swollen and bleeding gums from lapses in oral hygiene. And all of these patients have come in becuase they NEEDED to...which means because it hurt so much that they couldn't take it anymore.
Please don't let this be you.

I am always available to take your call in a dental emergency and we can usually see you on the same or next day (assuming it's not the weekend).  But even on the weekend, I can triage and troubleshoot what is bothering you and can get you in very soon.
Call 818-242-3739 and we can absolutely help you out!


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