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March 29, 2017
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim, DDS
Fixing Cavities | Dr. Lucio H. Kim, DDS

Holistic dentistry is crap. Let's not mince words here or beat around the diplomatic bush.  It's crap. It doesn't work and is pseudo-science at best. It's the"Alternative Facts" of dentistry with NO sound science or biology to back up its claims.

A friend of mine directed me to this link of how a mom "healed" her child's cavity and asked me what I thought. And before I even read it, I just told him it was BS. You cannot cure a cavity. Stuff like this is floating around the internet so that people can research "alternative" ways to deal with their reality.  Don't misunderstand me, I believe in "holistic" dentistry..treat the whole person and not just their teeth. I believe in acupuncture even though I haven't the foggiest idea of why it works. Eating well and exercising are the cornerstone to living well and why I haven't stroked out yet. But reading something like this where a person would be so incredulous that a dentist would be trying to rip them off that they would take it upon themselves to try and heal their child's cavity through alternative means and put them at risk for pain and infections really irks me to say the least.  If you don't believe your dentist, there are some fundamental trust issues and you should be looking for a new dentist. (I am always available) If you are looking for other knowledgable and responsible diagnoses based on research and science...go to different dentists.  

Second Opinions

My work and my office and how I approach a patient are founded on facts, practicality and the simplest way to deal with a complex situation...responsibly.  If I cannot help you, I have a network of specialists that can.  If you haven't been in for a while and feel that your teeth are a mess, then come in and we can deal with that reality together and help to get you healthy know, move forward to a solution in a way that you are comfortable.  But don't bury the truth in the sand while looking for the answers you feel comfortable with.  And if you are a believer in holistic dentistry, then fine for you. We can all have different beliefs and still get along. I am here if you want help and I am here if you don't want help.  I am always here.  If you'd like to discuss your options or a particular situation, then please drop by or give me a call. I would be more than happy to chat!





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