Adult Orthodontics in Glendal,e CA

Adult Orthodontics | Lucio H. Kim, DDSHave you heard about all the amazing advances in adult orthodontics? Whether you would like to correct minor crowding or address more complex orthodontic issues, we can help you find the best solution that takes your unique needs into account.

We know you want a smile that creates a positive first impression and makes you feel good about the way you look. Do you want to renew your appearance for a wedding or other special event? Or do you simply desire a more youthful, healthy-looking smile?

At the office of Lucio H. Kim, DDS, we offer adult orthodontic treatments that easily correct alignment issues and enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

Efficient Orthodontic Options

Inman Aligners

Inman Aligners are an affordable orthodontic innovation that provides a discreet option for straightening the teeth that are visible when you smile. The aligners are placed on the inside and outside of your teeth. The inner section pushes teeth forward, and the outer section pushes teeth inward. This gentle opposing force moves your teeth quickly into the proper position.

Inman Aligners are popular because they can achieve the desired aesthetic results quickly (in some cases, as little as six weeks!). Treatment is efficient because the goal of Inman Aligners is not to correct a misaligned dental bite, which can take years with traditional braces. Another benefit that our patients really enjoy is that the aligners can be removed easily for brushing, flossing, and eating.

Powerprox Six Month Braces

Another popular adult orthodontic treatment that focuses on correcting the alignment of teeth that show when you smile is Powerprox Six Month Braces. Traditional braces are effective for correcting alignment issues that include problems with the dental bite. However, most adults who want to straighten their teeth don’t need to have their bite adjusted.

Since Powerprox Six Month Braces are not used to alter your dental bite, we can straighten your teeth quickly and comfortably in as little as six months. Another advantage of Powerprox Six Month Braces is that treatment is discreet. Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires blend in with your natural teeth so no one will notice you’re wearing them.

Orthodontic Solutions That Fit Your Needs

At our Glendale dental office, we offer adult orthodontic options that provide an efficient solution and fit your busy lifestyle. You have a lot to consider when making a decision about your treatment. We’re here to make it easy for you to evaluate your options and find the one that addresses all your needs.

Before we make any decisions, Dr. Kim will talk to you about your expectations and discuss various treatments so that we can be sure to help you achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Contact Your Glendale Dentist to Arrange a Consultation

We believe that most effective treatment is the one that supports your unique oral health needs and moves you a step closer to a healthier smile. Please contact our Glendale dental office to arrange a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kim. We look forward to helping you achieve your dental goals!