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What is a "Sinus Lift"?

Dental Office in Glendale CAAll dental implants need to be completely encased in a large volume of bone in your jaw in order to survive long term.  When dealing with missing teeth in the upper-back teeth, we need to take other facial anatomy into account.  In this case, there is a space in your face called the "sinus" and this is just literally a space -- hollow, air, no bone.  So when trying to place implants back there, the sinus sometimes gets in the way so that there isn't enough room to place the implant.  That's when a procedure called a "sinus lift" is needed.

Sinus Lifts in Glendale CA

This minimally invasive and fairly straightforward procedure allows us to graft or grow more bone in the area so that there is enough bone volume to actually place an implant.  If the sinus lift is not done, then the dental implants may not be able to be placed or the longterm survival may be compromised.  Consult with Dr Kim if you think you may need a sinus lift for implants or if you are thinking about needing implants for your upper back teeth.



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