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Why is having gum recession problematic to oral health?

Man smiling in blue shirt | Dentist Glendale CaYour gums act like a tight turtleneck type seal around your teeth. This prevents bacteria from seeping in and causing damage.

If your gums “recede” or shrink away from your teeth, that protection is diminished…and the prognosis of your tooth being inside your head over the years goes directly to “poor”.

Over the years, the gum recession may be slightly annoying or not even noticeable. But gone unchecked for a period of time, you can ultimately lose that tooth.

A simple minor gum recession repair surgery is all that is needed to correct the gums and restore that protection to the tooth.  If the damage is too great, a more major (and expensive and more painful surgery I might add) is needed to repair the damage. And if it goes beyond there, then we start talking about dental implants to replace that tooth.

The minor gum procedure is called the Pinhole Technique or a Tunneling Technique. Dr. Kim is well trained in this type of procedure and can let you know what to expect in terms of recovery and surgical results.

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