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My tooth hurts. Is it a dental emergency?

Illustration tooth next to stethoscope | Glendale CA Dentist If you have a toothache, you know something’s not right. It’s natural to worry, but knowing what a dental emergency is can help. While you should call your dentist any time you have a toothache here is a checklist for deciding whether to look for emergency dentistry in Glendale.

Dental Emergency Checklist

  • Severe or increasing pain. Extreme pain that won’t stop and seems to be getting worse can be a sign that your tooth needs immediate attention. If you feel a pimple-like area in your mouth, it might be an abscess. Your dental office can determine whether it’s an dental emergency.
  • Trauma. Feeling a crack in your tooth or dental restoration is always concerning and warrants a call to your dentist. But if you fell, had a sports accident, or hit your mouth another way, there’s a chance you need emergency dentistry. Call 911 if you suspect bodily injury.
  • Bleeding. If your gums or tooth won’t stop bleeding, call your dentist to find out if you need to come in right away. Use a clean gauze pad on the area for 10 minutes to slow or stop bleeding.
  • Swelling. Gums around a tooth that are inflamed may need immediate attention.
  • Fever. If you have a fever that you believe is related to infected teeth or gums, call your Glendale dentist right away.