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A Good Pilot in Rough Waters: The Truth About Dental Implants

December 29, 2018
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim DDS
Dental Implants with Dr. Kim

"I see a lot of patients that have issues with dental implants they've had placed.  And they always tell "They told me this would last a lifetime".

I tell them "Well, it depends on how long you live".

The thing about dental implants is that while they are an excellent replacement of your teeth, the rare just that, replacements.  Not the original.  And NOTHING we place in your mouth is going to last you forever.  But again. It depends on how long you live.

Fillings, crowns and yes, even implants, need maintenance and possible replacement over the span of time.  Especially because people are losing teeth at a younger and younger age.

But to make sure that things last as long as they can, the implants have to be placed in a favorable environment and the surgery itself has to go well.  And the biggest factor that we can't account for is what we call "host response".  Some people heal well and some people don't.  It's a replacement of a body part and NO ONE can guarantee any kind of outcome.

The thing you want is someone with experience to give you the best chance at success and if something should go wrong, someone with the experience to handle all the complications.  As the saying goes "Everyone is a good pilot in calm waters".  A good surgeon isn't one that can perform when things are ideal.  A good surgeon is one that can handle the complications and variables that come with any kind of surgery and can guide you through those "rough waters" to an outcome that you will be happy with.

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