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My Teeth Got Crooked Again

January 26, 2017
Posted By: Lucio H. Kim, DDS
My Teeth Got Crooked Again | Lucio H. Kim DDS

Crooked Teeth | Lucio H. Kim, DDS"Doc, I used to wear braces, but I lost my retainer a long time ago and now these front teeth are getting crooked again"

Inman Aligners

This is something patients tell me almost on a daily basis. So here's a solution for you. It doesn't involve braces with the train tracks and the wires. It's MUCH cheaper than Invisalign...about 1/3-1/2 the cost!  And can work as fast in a matter of weeks to a few months. It's called the Inman Aligner. It's like wearing a retainer that can align the front teeth quickly and without the pain of braces. You need to come in every few weeks for adjustments and you need to wear a retainer afterward, but other than that, if you wear it, it works! 

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