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Have a Coke and a smile?

Soda and Your Smile | Dr. Lucio H. Kim, DDS

Remember that slogan from a little way back?  Turns out, not so accurate.  Have a coke and chances are you will have an artificial smile. The soda companies have such a huge lobby in Washington that it's tough to fight them. Plus there are so many other issues going on right now, that a little bit of sugar doesn't seem to be high on the priority list. But the overall health of our kids is on the decline.  That is a fact.  And this means our future is in jeopardy.  

Talk to Your Glendale Dentist

I use this blog as a platform (albeit a small one) to help people improve ...

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Fixing Cavities | Dr. Lucio H. Kim, DDS

Holistic dentistry is crap. Let's not mince words here or beat around the diplomatic bush.  It's crap. It doesn't work and is pseudo-science at best. It's the"Alternative Facts" of dentistry with NO sound science or biology to back up its claims.

A friend of mine directed me to this link of how a mom "healed" her child's cavity and asked me what I thought. And before I even read it, I just told him it was BS. You cannot cure a cavity. Stuff like this is floating around the internet so that people can research "alternative" ways to deal with their reality.  Don't misunderstand me, I believe in "holistic" dentistry..treat ...

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Helping Your Implants Last a Lifetime

Helping Your Implants Last a Lifetime | Bonita Grande Dental

Dental implants, in one form or another, have been widely used for over 50 years. In that time, they have become one of the most predictable and successful of all procedures in dentistry. When cared for properly, the success rate for dental implants is about 95%.

One way to ensure the success of dental implants is to find a dentist who is skilled in the procedure. Dr. Lucio Kim has had extensive training and experience in placing implants at our Glendale, CA dental office and continues to learn everything he can to ensure the success of your implant.

Choosing a dental implant for tooth replacement is a big decision. You have to ...

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Who has an extra 1000$ for....anything???

Who Has Extra Money | Lucio H. Kim, DDS

So you just broke a tooth.  

Something has started to ache in your teeth and you haven't been to the dentist in a few years. Your car has started to make funny noises. You walk into a flooded laundry room. Things in your mouth (and life) sometimes come up unexpectedly.  

Hey, that's life right? You have to get it fixed, right?

Oh, but that filling is how much? More questions than anything...but one of the main ones I get is "Do you have any payment plans?".  I used to say "I have CareCredit...or You can pay as you go..." But now I say "Yes! Yes I do".  

Our Glendale Office Understands

Not ...

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Three Steps to Get the Most from Your Whitening

Get the Most From Your Whitening | Lucio H. Kim, DDS

You finally went ahead and had a professional teeth whitening treatment at our Glendale dental office, and you’re absolutely THRILLED with the results! You’ve gotten everything you expected from your treatment and then some! 

Now you want to maintain that beautifully bright smile for as long as possible. It’s not complicated, but it does require a little effort and thought on your part. If you want to enjoy your new smile for as long as possible, we offer these three easy steps you can take to extend the life of your whitening treatment:

Make Your Bright Smile Last Longer

  1. Brush and floss diligently – You knew we would say that, didn’t you? ...

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The Mouth-Body Connection

The Mouth-Body Connection | Lucio H. Kim, DDS

One of reasons I got into dentistry was that it was rarely life or death.  

And while I absolutely take my job seriously, on a bad day, the patient loses a tooth....which we can easily replace.  Not TOO horrible, right?  

But over the past 18 years I've been practicing, there have been new developments on how your oral health can affect the rest of your body and your life.  No, this is any kind of earthy-crunchy, oil pulling holistic crap.  This stuff can kill you.

I used to just think that "it made sense" that the bacteria in your mouth could POSSIBLY affect the rest of your body.  There is a ...

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