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Gum Recession

Gum Recession Prevention in Glendale CA, Dr. Lucio H. Kim, DDS

The gums that surround and hold the teeth in place in your mouth can be affected by a number of conditions that can result in them receding…or moving away from the teeth.

The few main causes of gum recession are 1) brushing too hard 2) bruxism or clenching/grinding of your teeth 3) genetics 4) a history of braces 5) smoking 6) full-blown gum disease or periodontitis.

So the big question is “Will they ever grow back”?

Unfortunately no. Once the damage is done, then that’s the best you can do…for the rest of your life!

What you can do is actually fix them.

There are many ways to do this, unfortunately, all of them ...

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What is the best toothpaste to use?

Tooth Paste Selection in Glendale CA, Dr. Lucio Kim, DDS

How do I choose a toothpaste??

The dental aisle used to just be a dental “section”. Go to Target now and it’s dizzying, so I’ll make it easy. 

Choosing a Toothpaste

They are mostly all the same. The packaging is different. But essentially all the ingredients are the same. 

So what is important? Fluoride for one. They all have the same strength in over the counter brands. What you want to AVOID are the ones that say ‘whitening’, ‘tartar control, ‘extreme’…they are basically “more abrasive”. Use a brand or type made for sensitive teeth WITHOUT the whitening or tartar control. The whitening agent isn’t in contact with the teeth long enough to make ...

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What to do after dental surgery

Woman smiling | Glendale CA Dentist

Post-Surgical Care

After your treatment, we will discuss how to best care for your mouth while it heals after an implant procedure. Certain behaviors like smoking and drinking through a straw can cause a painful dry socket. Keeping the area clean and free of food particles will help you heal faster and avoid irritation.

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Second Opinions for Dental Services

Man getting dental care | Second Opinions by Dr Lucio H. Kim, DDS, Glendale CA

Should I get a Second Opinion for Dental Services?

You’re probably used to getting second opinions for home improvement projects, or repairs to your car, but should you get a second opinion when it comes to dental work? 

The short answer is yes. After all, some services at the dentist can be an investment, and you want to feel completely confident in where you’re placing that investment. Not only is it helpful to get a second opinion for diagnosis confirmation, but it’s also helpful to visit a couple of dental offices and find one that you really like. 

When to Get a Second Opinion

The most important thing to remember about second opinions ...

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Finding the Right Dentist

Baby | Dentistry in Glendale CA, by Dr. Lucio H. Kim, DDS

I get a lot of appointments for "2nd opinion" consults.  A lot. Some of it is for work already performed and some of it is for work that is proposed in a treatment plan. Let me preface this diatribe with the admission that I am not perfect, I have had failures and I have had unhappy patients. But any dentist trying to represent otherwise is lying. The biggest reason for the 2nd opinions or unhappiness at other offices is a lack of communication at some level. Finding the right dentist for you isn't about finding "the best".  "Best" is a title claimed by everyone on google and I hate ...

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Gum Rejuvenation

Woman smiling in dental chair | Gum Rejuvenation, Dr. Lucio H. Kim, DDS

Gum recession is a serious and common dental concern. In most cases, it is caused by the progression of gum disease either through tobacco use or poor oral hygiene, but there are alternative causes such as genetics, hormones, and harmful brushing habits. Unfortunately, even after gum disease is treated, gums will not grow back, which can leave them open to continuous infection and teeth looking long and unsightly. Many gum recession treatments are invasive and have long recovery times, which is why Dr. Lucio H. Kim offers gum rejuvenation through the Pinhole Surgical Technique.

Benefits of Gum Rejuvenation

  • No grafting – One of the most common treatments of gum recession are ...

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I Don't Care if you Brush....My Soapbox about oral hygiene....

Importance of Flossing | Lucio H. Kim, DDS

Really. I don't care if you brush.  

Sounds odd coming from a dentist.

But if you do one thing to keep your teeth until you die...or at least have any hope of keeping your teeth until you die, then FLOSS.  Floss, floss, floss. Then floss some more. Part of my job as a dentist is not only to fix your teeth when they are damaged or decayed, but to help you PREVENT the decay and damage in the first place. It doesn't matter what your teeth look like tomorrow or even five years from now. It's when you are 85 that it really counts to have teeth and not have ...

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