No Scalpel No Grafting Gum Recession Treatment in Glendale CA

A No Scalpel, No Suture solution for issues related to Gum Recession!

Gum recession is something that is sometimes discussed briefly, but most times it's glossed over.  But gum recession can lead to a lot of dental problems: sensitivity, root cavities, bone loss, "long in the tooth" smile syndrome, and even premature loss of your teeth!

Don't "watch" it get worse and play catch up with the problems! It never works and never leads to good things down the road.

The solution generally would be a referral to a gum surgeon where they would take a piece of donor tissue from the roof of your mouth and transplant it and graft it to the areas that have the recession problems.  Not only uncomfortable (possibly painful), but expensive with a lot of downtime and waiting to see if it would work.

But not anymore!

Dr Kim is proud to be one of the few dentists formally and extensively trained in a very forward (NON-experimental) method to treat gum recession.

Called the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST), no cutting of the gums is required and minimal swelling and discomfort is involved. An excellent alternative to the usually expensive and often painful gum grafting procedure.  See the video below for an animated description of the procedure.

If you have any issues stemming from recession: sensitivity, cavities, bone loss, stained fillings, "black lines" around crown and bridgework, aged "Long tooth" smile syndrome...this procedure will work for you.




No cutting with scalpels

No sutures

No cutting of the palate

No downtime from work or life

Gum rejuvenation for the "long tooth" smile syndrome

No pain during the procedure and minimal discomfort afterwards.  Usually only Advil and Tylenol is needed!

Much quicker procedure than the traditional gum grafting procedure

More economical than gum grafting.  Sometimes 25-40% more economical!

And did I mention "NO grafting"??

Call the office to see if you are good candidate (most everyone is) and Dr Kim can answer any and all questions you may have.