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Mar 9, 2015
Very happy with Dr. Lucio Kim. He clearly explains procedures and gives me peace of mind. On one occasion I had an issue with my tooth, non-emergency. I called Lucio Kim's office and he saw me that same day. Most important my teeth feel great. Javier R
Javier R
Mar 2, 2015
Everything is great! No complaints, everything is timely and overall a great experience.
Jonathan C
Feb 25, 2015
Dr. Kim and his staff make going to the dentist painless. Very friendly and professional staff who take the time to explain procedures and answer questions. I particularly appreciate Dr. Kim's emphasis on preventive care in an effort to head off problems down the line. The office does a fantastic job of scheduling - all my appointments have started right on time and the email reminder system is very helpful. Dr. Kim was recommended to me... (Read More)
Laura C

Happy Patient from Sun Valley

I'm not surprised by all the positive comments here. It's very difficult to find a humble, happy, and humane dentist in Los Angeles. I have had at least 10, all of which should have chosen other professions. I feel like there are a lot of insecure, disorganized and incompetent dentists. I had given up on finding a good dentist. I figured I'll just get dentures when my teeth rot. Not anymore. Wow, how refreshing it was to visit this office. The best customer service, on time, and I even got a thank you letter in the mail with a gift card to Starbucks!?? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt???

Just be aware that there is an initial registration fee of some kind (I think it was like 60 bucks or something). Regardless, I would pay double that for this service because it's the first time I have walked out of a dentist's office without wanting to throw myself off of a bridge. Thank you!